Delightful surprises for

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Each new stage of your baby's life comes with new surprises and unexpected delights. Walmart Baby Boxes deliver free stage-relevant product samples of items sold at your local Walmart and to ease transitions all the way to your baby's first steps and let you focus on their development.


*Only pay for shipping & handling, which is always a flat $5 fee.

Discover all that Walmart has to offer from cribs, diapers, pre-natal vitamins, cameras and paint for the nursery at great Walmart low prices.

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Your Walmart Baby Box will include products that are perfect for your baby and you!

How does it work?

With our trusted partners, we provide a box full of useful products and helpful tips for every stage. Subscribing to a Walmart Baby Box means you get to try the latest products when you need them and they are delivered to your doorstep.


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  • Which box are you?

    Each Baby Box contains products tailored to you and your baby.
    To do this, we need to know what stage you're in now, based on your baby's due date or birth date.

  • I am Expecting

    I'm 6-1 months away from my due date.

  • I have a Newborn/Infant

    I have a 0-11 month old infant.

  • I have a Toddler

    I have a 1-3 year or older toddler.